Invitation Letter to Join Our Dinner Table

I have always associated dinner time with quality family time. Growing up, my family always prioritized taking the time to connect with each other through conversations around the table. The memories made from those family meals have followed me into adulthood, and my hope is Toot Toot’s Kitchen can take meal time “off your plate” so you have time to create memories of your own.

Over the years, I have understood & experienced the difficulty of trying to plan, shop, prep & cook meals on a consistent basis (and that’s not even mentioning clean up!) I know the time & the energy that goes into dinner time, so I also know that after a long day, even the thought of having to cook a meal is exhausting. The comfort of a home cooked meal comes with a cost…but it doesn’t have to.

I have been cooking for my family & friends for many many years. Our home is the designated “go-to” location for gatherings and celebrations. It bring me so much joy knowing our loved ones find comfort in the meals spent around my table. I was blessed to have both a mother & grandmother that shared their knowledge, skill and passion from wholesome family cooking. I consider cooking to be my gift, and nothing makes me happier than sharing that gift with others.

I know you and your loved ones will enjoy our meals because kid & adult alike have enjoyed these recipes for generations. Toot Toot’s Kitchen is a place that already exists within our home. It’s a loving & comforting place where everyone is welcome. We’re not creating something new — we’re just inviting a few more families to our table!

We hope you’ll join us soon!

Ashley Higginbotham